DNA motifs in chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes

Now in the database:
mitochondrial genomes - 8863
chloroplast genomes - 2918

Letter codes for nucleotides
Codes Base Complementary pair
A A T in DNA; U in RNA
T or U T in DNA; U in RNA A
M A or C K
R A or G Y
W A or T W
S C or G S
Y C or T R
K G or T M
V A or C or G B
H A or C or T D
D A or G or T H
B C or G or T V
X or N A or C or G or T (U) Any


Example: if you enter the string "AAKGGGGGGGGGGGGA", it will mean that you are looking for sequences that contain either "AAGGGGGGGGGGGGGA" or "AATGGGGGGGGGGGGA", because K matches according to the table or G, or T.
Limit - 50th first sequences.

mitochondrial genomes
chloroplast genomes
Part of organizm name (if you know)

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