Molar concentration online. Calculation of molality and molarity

Molar concentration

also called molarity, amount concentration or substance concentration, is a measure of the concentration of a solute in a solution, or of any chemical species, in terms of amount of substance in a given volume. A commonly used unit for molar concentration used in chemistry is mol/L. A solution of concentration 1 mol/L is also denoted as 1 molar (1 M).
The molar concentration is defined as the amount of a constituent (in moles) divided by the volume of the mixture.
The molecular weight of the solute - for example, for NaCl is 22.99 (molecular weight of Na)+35.44 (molecular weight of Cl), 23.99+35.45 = 58.44, thus, molecular weight of NaCl = 58.44
You can see molecular weight of chemical elements here (under the element's symbol)

Molecular weight of the solute
Molar concentration
Volume of the mixture, ml

Molar concentration Designation
10-1 dM
10-2 cM
10-3 mM
10-6 μM
10-9 nM
10-12 pM