The model for article:

Download the model, run it (for example, in Windows it can be a double-click) V. A. Chistyakov, Y. V. Denisenko (2009) «Age-related cellularity loss in silico»,(The Journal of Russian Chemical D. I. Mendeleev Society), 53, 105–110.

JRE 7 or later is required to run model.

Average The average amount of the X substance produced by the cell during one cycle.
Deviation The standard deviation of the X sample ( the standard deviation of the normal distribution)
Threshold The amount of the X substance starting the programmed cell death mechanism
Shift The size of the average X substance amount decrease after antioxodant administration.
Starting cycle The beginning of the antioxidant administration.
Final cycle The end of the antioxidant administration.
Number of cycles The time of observing the simulated cell populations during the cycles.
Physiological threshold The level of the cellularity loss which is the threshold for physiological changes.
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