The model with 2 glands and 3 glands

Download the model, run it (for example, in Windows it can be a double-click) V. A. Chistyakov, Y. V. Denisenko (2012) «Cellularity loss and the Dilman’s problem: in silico research», Biochemistry 77, 936 - 951.

JRE 7 or later is required to run model.

Average The average level of motoneurons programmed cellular death (PCD) inductors
Deviation The standard deviation of PCD inductors level sample
Threshold The threshold magnitude of PCD inductors level, starting PCD of motoneurons
Number of days Period of the modelled populations observation
Death threshold of an individual Cellularity loss level, threshold for a death of an individual
Number of individuals (0-5000) Number of individuals in a population
Number of motoneurons Number of motoneurons in one individual
Shift The magnitude by which decreases the level of PCD inductors in individuals, exposed to the experimental geroprotector influence
The start of processing The first day of geroprotector introduction
The end of processing The last day of geroprotector introductionch
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